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 The Dance Company:

Members of the company perform at community events as well as professional events. Company members rehearse one to two times a week. Both the adult and teen companies have taken many dance trips, have one trophies at local dance competitions, and worked directly with dancers/choreographers in the industry that have worked with Janet Jackson, Britney Spears, Mariah Carey, Paula Abdul, and Jennifer Lopez.

The Training Program:

The company offers recreational classes through the training program. The training program is designed for dancers of all ages, genders, and skill levels. Offered three times a year, these three-month training courses cater to students with diverse personal goals. Some come for exercise, to begin their dance education, or refine their skills as a professional dancer. The three courses (beginning, intermediate, and advance) are taught in the style of the company. At the end of the session, students are given the opportunities to perform if they wish.

Current Programs

(1) Children's Program (Ages 5-12)    

     Click on the links below to find more information about the children's program.


(a) Hip Hop dance class
(b) Gymnastics class

(c) Children's dance company
(c) Summer Camp (Performing and Visual Arts Summer Camp)  page 1  page 2


(2) Teen Programs (Ages 13-18)

(a) Junior Company
(b) Teen Training Program

(3) Adult Programs (Ages 19+)

(a) Adult Company
(b) Adult Training Program

Each program is run in sessions that last about 3-4 months. Tryouts are held before each session.


(1) January - May
(2) June - August
(3) September- December